‘Bigger the challenge, bigger the opportunity’

Published On: 05, Dec 2017 | Source: financialexpress.com

The job
I love the challenges and diversity of my work which ensures that no day is like the previous day. I thoroughly believe that the bigger the challenge, the bigger the opportunity. Steering one of the largest technology companies in India keeps me on my toes, and foreseeing opportunities and seizing them to drive real value to customers motivates me every day. At Acer, I mentor, manage, motivate and learn from some of the best talents in the country. It is inspiring to see the enthusiasm, passion and dedication of the team that has helped us achieve success in every aspect.

The Weekdays
Being a morning person, I prefer starting my day early with some workout and yoga; it gives me an opportunity to boost my creativity and helps me focus before I start my work routine. I believe in reaching office before time, scheduling and planning my day well. Meetings, conference calls and strategising takes up most of the day. However, I make sure that I take out time to prioritise and then start knocking tasks off the list. No matter which level you are working at, it is important to have a balanced life. I believe that spending time with family should not be reserved for weekends; I make sure I get home and enjoy quality tdime with family or friends.

The Weekend
I like to explore and try out new things when I get time over the weekend. Recently, I was at a Masterchef-styled event and it was lot of fun to put my cooking skills to task. Creativity and ideas stem from different experiences and I believe people should go out and do things to enrich themselves. I also like to play sports. Table tennis is another passion I have and I try to get some games under my belt over weekends.

The Toys
I cannot do without my smartphone and laptop.

The Logos
I prefer Rado for watches and Ferrari
for cars.

— As told to Ananya Saha