51 pct mobile users in India look at their phones every 10 minutes: Survey

Published On: 13, Dec 2017 | Source: financialexpress.com


Fifty one per cent mobile users in India glance at their phones at least every ten minutes without being prompted by a notification, a survey has revealed. The KPMG survey report titled ‘Me, My Life, My Wallet: A New Customer Engagement Framework’, also said that almost 57 per cent people in the country would rather lose their phone than their wallet compared to 61 per cent in UK, 74 per cent in US and 29 per cent in China. The survey was conducted on 10,000 people across the US, the UK, India and China. With the proliferation of smartphones and increasing data penetration, 72 per cent of the Indian respondents said they open their phones to relieve boredom and 88 per cent of the people in the country use WhatsApp. While people like to surf and find information, it noted that 41 per cent of people in India trust online reviews and 80 per cent of the people in India like technology and apps to automatically filter information for them in handling information overload.


It also found that India with high percentage of millennials looked for the best deals, driven by discount and cashback. While observing that the government’s push to drive digital payments and digital transactions is leapfrogging, it noted that cash still plays a vital role in the payment mechanism. Almost 68 per cent of the total wallet share in India is spent on necessities rather than luxuries, it added. It found that consumers in the country are likely to cut down on their expenses on travel, dining and clothing if their disposable income reduces.