A creamier bite into Bourbon

Published On: 05, Dec 2017 | Source: financialexpress.com

The Ad
The ad, Friends Forever, starts off with a group of friends taking a short break from hiking. One of them starts to say something that, by the sounds of it, seems important. However, as he is also munching on biscuits at the same time, whatever he says is highly muffled. It’s almost like Chinese whispers, where everyone else has their own reading of what he actually might be saying. When he’s finally done munching, he finally speaks out: what he ate was their last pack of Bourbon biscuits. The film ends on a light moment where the munching
culprit is chased by his friends for finishing off the pack.

Target Audience
18-24 year-olds living in metros and mini-metros, SEC A and B

Business Objective
To increase the regularity of purchase by creating a relevant consumption context for Bourbon, thus driving volume growth.

The Appeal


The ad film has picked one of the most common and obvious interests in the online world today — travel. Tying that with the social structure of friends engaging in an activity (here, hiking) together, you can’t really go wrong.

Competitive Edge
The ad plays on the ‘friends hanging out together’ trope. But it’s a good change to see that it’s not being done in a house party, college canteen or ‘last benchers munching’ context — the obvious scenarios that are presented when speaking to a young audience.

Tone of Voice

After a few iterative ads that showed us what a Britannia Bourbon can do for you, such as help one get a date or two, the most recent attempt by the brand with the Friends Forever campaign presents something interesting and new to look forward to. It looks to brings itself into the consideration set of group consumption. The targeting is more spelled out in this particular campaign, which is
always welcome.
As a standalone, the film gets most things right — it has the TG figured out, the context seems apt given the product and the setting that’s presented in the film, and the desire for the product as expressed by the characters is done in a fun manner.
But it is a product from the premium cream biscuit segment. We are not sure if the premium aspect was fully represented in the ad. Perhaps, it is intentional to play it down at this particular stage as the current focus might be to link the product to a consumption occasion. However, it is important to note that the film positions Bourbon as a snack, rather than just a cream biscuit. The positioning will probably allow the brand to play a bigger field. On the competition front, it has to pitch itself against everything from the usual cream biscuits to cookies to cream-filled biscuits, to name a few. The differentiation to mark it as a product that caters to a premium buyer is what needs to come across in future communication.
Having said that, while it is a welcome attempt in the brand’s style of communication, we hope it gets more pronounced from here on after the consumption context has been established. Given the TG and the brand’s experience in the market, it shouldn’t be a hard task.

Rating: 6.5/10
Agency: McCann
Brand: Britannia Bourbon
Campaign: Friends Forever
Production House: Early Man Films