Airtel vs Vodafone postpaid plans: Check who won the war

Published On: 02, Dec 2017 | Source:

Airtel and Vodafone are still most preferred telecom operators to the postpaid users in India, though Reliance Jio has made the competition tougher by attracting a lot of users. Ever since the price war started in the telecom sector, both the giants Airtel and Vodafone came out with a lot of exciting offers. For most consumers, Airtel’s Infinity plan and Vodafone’s Red Basic plan, both priced at Rs 399 including taxes have been creating the buzz among the people who are using the services in the domestic networks. Among the heavy telecom services– data, calling and SMS– users Airtel’s Rs 499 Infinity Plan and Vodafone’s Red Traveller R Plan are quite common. Current the two telecom leaders are still domination the Indian market with over 600 billion subscribers in the country. But have you ever wondered which operator gives you the best at lowest possible cost when you are holidaying abroad or on a foreign visit for business purposes? Here we bring you the best offers in the market for ISD roaming by Vodafone and Airtel:-

If you are roaming in an international network of countries like US or UAE, Vodafone has a good offer for you starting at Rs 500 per day. The plan is best suited who are frequent travellers in countries like USA, UAE, Singapore, UK, and Thailand. Coming to Airtel it is a bit expensive when compared to Vodafone, as the plan starts Rs 649.

Features of Vodafone roaming plan:- 1.For using their telecom services in countries like the US, UK and UAE, Vodafone offers free data, fee incoming and outgoing calls, outgoing SMS for Rs 500 per day.

2. The 10-day international roaming plan by Vodafone costs Rs 3500, which offers unlimited data, unlimited calls both outgoing and incoming.

1.Features of Airtel roaming plan for US, UK and UAE: At Rs 649 a day, Airtel offers 100 free SMSes, 100 minutes of incoming calls, 500MB free data, 100 minutes to India and local.

2. In Airtel, the 10 days roaming plan starts at Rs 2,999, which provides 3GB data, and while its incoming roaming is free, the outgoing is free only for 250 minutes.

If you in Asia and roaming in Singapore, Vodafone has a plan of Rs 500 for a day while Airtel’s plan is just Re 1 more i.e. Rs 499 for a day. In the 10-day pack section, Airtel plan is priced at Rs 1199 while Vodafone’s plan is priced as low as Rs 599. Both the telecom operators also have 30 days, Rs 2499 for Airtel while Vodafone offers it at Rs 1499.

In Thailand, customers roaming on Airtel can avail a pack at Rs 499 per day, Rs 499, for 10-day pack consumers will have to shell out Rs 1199 for 10 days and Rs 2499 for 30 days. However, if you opt for Vodafone it will cost you a lot as the company charges Re 1 per MB of data, Re 1 per message and Re 1 per minute for calls.