Fact check: These Indian states have lowest Aadhaar card subscribers

Published On: 08, Dec 2017 | Source: financialexpress.com

UIDAI, the authority which issues Aadhaar card, on Thursday confirmed that the notifications (deadlines) for verifying bank accounts, PAN cards and mobile SIM cards with the biometric ID are still valid and will not be extended. As of now, the last date for verifying bank accounts and income tax Permanent Account Number (PAN) by providing Aadhaar is December 31 and for SIM cards is February 6. However, Centre has told the Supreme Court that it is willing to extend the timelines till March 31, 2018. “That Aadhaar Act being in force, all notifications for requiring Aadhaar for various welfare programmes, verifying bank account, PAN card and SIM card with Aadhaar stand valid and lawful,” the UIDAI said in a statement.

This indeed, will increase trouble for those who are yet to get their Aadhaar cards and as surprising as it may sound, the number of such people is very high. Assam tops the list of Indian states with least number of Aadhaar subscribers. As per the latest data provided by UIDAI in its All India District Saturation Report, only 18,15,118 people out of 3,11,69,272 living in the state have got their UIA issued. This means that only 5.8% of the state’s population have got their Aadhaar cards.

In fact, the top 5 Indian states with least number of UIDs issued are from North East. Meghalaya is on the second spot with 2,23,998 Aadhaar subscribers accounting for 7.8% of the total population of 29,64,007. The gap then widens, with Mizoram on the third spot having 51.1% Aadhaar base.

Arunachal Pradesh (53.6%) and Nagaland (56.7%) complete the top 5. They are followed by Jammu Kashmir where 83,50,079 people have got their UIDs from a total population of 1,25,48,926.

The government has made it mandatory for verifying bank account and PAN to weed out black money and bring unaccounted wealth to book. The same for SIM has been mandated to establish the identity of mobile phone users.

“The mandatory requirements of Aadhaar for PAN, bank accounts, welfare programmes, and SIM cards have been challenged in the Supreme Court and no stay has been granted. Therefore, it is clear that the video is outdated because it does not reflect the latest legal position as on today (December 7, 2017),” UIDAI said in a statement yesterday.

So, as the UIDAI also asked, people, should not get misled by the rumours doing rounds on various social media platforms and instead should ‘verify their bank accounts, investment accounts, SIM cards, etc as per the current laws and deadlines as early as possible to avoid any inconvenience’.