Fingerprint scanner at back of smartphone a pain? Forget Face ID, check out new reality!

Published On: 12, Dec 2017 | Source:

With bezel-less 18:9 display screens now present on almost every major flagship smartphone of 2017, many of the manufactures made the decision to shift the fingerprint scanner onto the back of the device. However, there is a new entrant in the market which allows the manufacturers to have the fingerprint sensor on the front of the device, below the display. Synaptics Incorporated, a California based company which is manufacturing a sensor which will sit beneath the display of the smartphone, and allow the user to unlock the device by simply touching the screen.

This company calls it ‘Clear ID’ and made claims that it is twice as fast as 3D facial recognition. Synaptics also said that fingerprint technology will also allow users to unlock their smartphone from any angle, the users can unlock the smartphone while sitting on a table or while the device is on a car mount.

Synaptics also confirmed that the sensor is already in mass production in partnership with a “top five” smartphone company reports Android Central. Samsung, LG, even the newbie OnePlus decided to shift the position of their fingerprint scanner on the rear of the device. In Apple’s case, they decided to remove it completely with iPhone X and have a new technology called FaceID.

However, Synaptics is not the first company to come up with technology. Back in June, during the Mobile World Congress, the Chinese smartphone maker Vivo announced that it will launch a new smartphone with the latest technology that is, the fingerprint sensor placed under the display of a smartphone. Although Vivo did not set any date the smartphone manufacturer joined hands with Qualcomm to come up with this technology.

This under-screen fingerprint sensor technology is likely to be seen in almost every major smartphone of 2018. It is also speculated that the next Samsung flagship, the Galaxy S9 will be the first one to support an under screen fingerprint scanner. Although, there is no announcement made by Synaptics about the release date of smartphones carrying this technology, however, the future of smartphones for the year 2018 looks absolutely fascinating.

Meanwhile, two other Chinese smartphone makers including Xiaomi and Huawei have reportedly been thinking to incorporate in-display fingerprint scanners into their upcoming flagship smartphones.