FundzBazar introduces online Aadhaar linking feature to mutual fund folios

Published On: 01, Dec 2017 | Source:

investment platform com launched a one-stop online linking facility for its

As per the of notification, all folios must be linked with number before December 31 this year, failing which the folios will be frozen. Following this, launched this facility for its to link number to their folios across all Asset Management (AMCs) they have in through

It is a hassle-free facility wherein have to submit their details in only once. They just have to log in to FundzBazar, go to 'Manage Client' section under 'My Account' and submit Aaadhar details.

This facility has also been integrated into Mobile App (Android and iOS) so that can submit details through mobile app also.

With this facility, now they don't have to visit individual or registrar and transfer agents (RTAs) for updating their