Government to help entrepreneurs promote desi cow by-products

Published On: 05, Dec 2017 | Source:


With an aim to double farmers’ income, the government would promote entrepreneurs keen to manufacture products using desi cow by-products like urine and cow dung among others, an official source said. Various products which can be manufactured using cow milk, urine and cow dung have been identified and the Ayush Ministry has been asked to give its views, the source said. The issue was deliberated in detail in a meeting called by Minister of State for Agriculture Krishna Raj today. Senior officials from various ministries attended the meeting. Once the products are identified for business scale up, the small enterprises will be encouraged by providing financial help under a scheme run by MSME Ministry.

Use of cow dung as natural pesticide/fertiliser, and for production of gobar gas as also for making gobar bricks, household mats and air purifier – have been identified. Using cow urine for making facial and beauty products like soap and face wash has also been thought about. The Ayush Ministry has been asked to submit a report in this regard soon, the source added. Besides milk-based products, the government wants to encourage small enterprises to take advantage of benefits of cow by-products for creating jobs in rural India and enable more income to milk farmer.