GSTN portal should be more interactive: Sushil Modi

Published On: 08, Dec 2017 | Source:

The government is trying to make the GST Network portal more interactive for the convenience of taxpayers in the wake of complaints on filing returns, Sushil Modi, who heads the group of ministers for GSTN portal, said here today. “I have told Infosys to make the entire system more user-friendly and interactive,” he said.
He said they (GoM) are planning to hold a meeting related to GSTN in Bengaluru on December 16. The Goods and Service Tax Network (GSTN) is the backbone of the new indirect tax system.

Besides strengthening the netowrk, Sushil Modi said he would like to see the portal more interactive with pop-ups and adequate alerts and warnings for users.
He also proposed incorporating features to review the forms and documents that can also be saved. An option to take out print-outs of these forms should be given before they are uploaded to the GSTN.

“There have been complaints of technical glitch in filing returns. We have raised these issues in a previous meeting between the GSTN and Infosys,” he pointed out.