India to have 100,000 start-ups valued at $500 bn in 7-8 yrs: Mohandas Pai

Published On: 03, Dec 2017 | Source:

India will have one lakh in the next 7-8 years, employing 3.25 million people and creating $500 billion in value, Manipal Global Education Chairman said on Sunday.

He said these will help solve India's problems in the future, he said.

"By 2025, I believe that we will have 1,00,000 all over the country. They will create $500 billion of value and lot of money for investors. They will employ 3.25 million people," Pai told PTI on the sidelines of here.

Currently, there are 32,000 and every year 7,000 companies are coming around.

"Youngsters through the use of technology are solving hard core challenges and I believe that innovation by young people will transform India," Pai said.

The impact has already been seen in many sectors including education, healthcare, education and e-commerce.

Pai, who is also an angel investor, believes that India has possibly got the third largest ecosystem for startups after the and

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