Money does not mean much to me, I abhor titles: Mukesh Ambani at HTLS 2017

Published On: 01, Dec 2017 | Source:

Reliance Industries chairman addressed the Hindustan Times Leadership Summit 2017 in New Delhi on Friday.

Along with Mukesh Ambani, and Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Adityanath, among other luminaries, will discuss India’s rise on the global stage today.

Before Ambani, Obama, who arrived in India on Thursday, addressed the summit.

Here are highlights of Mukesh Ambani's speech

* One thing I would never dare tell me father is, "Dad, you don't get it." This generation is different. I get a lot of it from my children

* Money has never meant much to me. I abhor labels and titles: Mukesh Ambani

* As long as country moves forward and the consumer benefits, we can take such losses

* I think that for all of us within industry, profits and losses are risks that we take. And I don't think we can rely on regulators and govt to guarantee our profits and losses: Mukesh Ambani

* By 2050, we will have 300 million more Indians to feed. There is a pressing need and golden opportunity to create a digital green revolution: Mukesh Ambani

* Just a couple of years ago, India was 150th in mobile broadband, it's number 1 after the launch of Jio: Mukesh Ambani

* Today Indians consume more broadband data than the US and China: Mukesh Ambani

* Aadhaar is now decades ahead of advanced economies like US and China: Mukesh Ambani

* Reliance is a true partner in contribution to India's rise. India is the biggest investment hub. To foreign investors, invest in India, grow in India, prosper together in India:

* India's historical lack of infra is actually a boon in disguise. Not having legacy technology means we do not have to retrain. We can skip multiple technologies and reach the next generation: Mukesh Ambani

* We have the political vision and determination to make India a technology leader. Our PM's digital India vision has created an alignment among all political parties: Mukesh Ambani

* We are in the age of super intelligence. What manufacturing was for China, super intelligence can be for India: Mukesh Ambani

* Technology is a great leveler, it provides equal access to all without prejudice: Mukesh Ambani

* Mobile phones, cars were 'science fiction' once, now they are 'facts of science': Mukesh Ambani

* The world goes from scarcity to abundance - abundant energy, health, agriculture, manufacturing capacity. Soon, this abundance won't be only for a privileged few: Mukesh Ambani

* There is no doubt that in coming years machine intelligence will augment our biological intelligence manifold: Mukesh Ambani

* India will provide a superior and developmental model to create inclusive growth based on technology and good governance: Mukesh Ambani

* The 4th industrial revolution is now on us. The foundation of which is data connectivity, computing and AI. It is marked by a fusion of technologies: Mukesh Ambani

* The world is going from linear to exponential: Mukesh Ambani

* Those who do not adopt to technology will become irrelevant: Mukesh Ambani

* Today, I wish to make a prediction. By the middle of the 21st century, India's rise will be higher than China's and more attractive to the world : Mukesh Ambani

* Can India become the most prosperous nation in the world overtaking both US and China taking within this century, I think we most certainly can: Mukesh Ambani

* Today the whole world is talking about China and India's rise. This is civilisational rebirth for both countries and there's nothing surprising about it: Mukesh Ambani