Myntra: Back to the basics for small towns

Published On: 12, Dec 2017 | Source:

Myntra’s No Questions ad focusses on the small-town consumer, addressing their pain-points. And it does a good job

The Ad

The ad film, No Questions, presents an interaction between a first-time online shopper and Myntra’s delivery person. While one shirt fits the customer perfectly, he wishes to return the second shirt owing to the wrong size. The customer goes a little over the top to convince the delivery man about why the shirt must be returned, but his worries are quickly dispelled by the delivery man as he informs the customer about Myntra’s ‘No questions asked returns policy’.

Target Audience
Potential SEC A consumers in non-metros.

Business Objective
Customer acquisition from non-metro pockets across India; addressing concerns associated with online buying in those cities and acquiring half-a-million new customers from this target group over the next three weeks.

The Appeal

The attempt to educate small-town consumers and overlaying it with humour gives Myntra an edge. The campaign serves as a confidence building tool to warm up online-shy consumers to finally try Myntra.

Competitive Edge
The brand has chosen to speak directly to small-town consumers instead of clubbing the concerns of those consumers in an umbrella campaign. It helps that the first attempt at direct communication aimed at the non-urban populace has been done by putting the ease of use aspect at the forefront, rather than bringing it in as an afterthought to the ‘sales and discount’ bait.

Tone of Voice

A considerable amount of advertising, when crafted for the sole purpose of educating the consumer, always runs the risk of bordering between being preachy or downright boring. For the audiences’ sake, Myntra has avoided falling into that trap with its current campaign, comprising two commercials — Instant Refund and No Questions.

With the No Questions film, it has portrayed a consumer who feels he is at fault or needs to explain for wanting to return an item. The film looks to attack the consumer mindset which whispers that if there’s a convenience being granted by a brand, especially an online platform, it must be hard to work with and there must be a catch. Typically, addressing issues of customer confidence and building trust is done as an element in a national campaign which clubs the pain-points of users from across urban cities and

It is good to see the brand speak directly to the target cities in their language. Overall, the campaign takes the creative liberty of speaking in a ‘small town language’ with the ‘friends in high places’ trope (for the other ad under the campaign) and the ‘setting karte hain’ trope. At the core of it, this particular film in question, takes the blame away from the consumer — that of not figuring out the right size for himself, something that even a seasoned online shopper can get wrong.

Most online retailers, including the brand in question, in their overall journey are at the stage of building an experience for consumers. What may work in Myntra’s favour here is taking a step back in between that journey and refocussing its communication to aim better.

Rating: 7.5/10
Agency: Taproot Dentsu
Brand: Myntra
Campaign: No Questions
Production House: Oink Films