Social Media channels as best marketing tool

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Social media has been the game changer in the field of marketing.  Social media has given birth to online marketing. Social platforms, custom targeting and reaching to customers has just become easiest with an effective marketing plan in place the business strategies have become super efficient and effective.

There are lots and lots of companies who fail to build up apt marketing plan for their company’s growth. Gone are the days where business organization had to spend handsome amount on marketing plan and strategies. Well, thanks to social media websites where marketing has become just cheaper and effective plus, it is majorly reaching to the target audience with few tactics.  We are providing you a list of some platforms for efficient and effective marketing and business growth.


You won’t be surprised to know that Facebook is the top most social media platform used by businesses. It is majorly used by many business organizations to reach their target audiences. These organizations use Facebook ads to match the current buyers with over millions of similar prospects who possess similar characteristics. Then it’s a push to an opt-in page where business organizations can capture their name and email.

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Which is majorly used for sharing best quality pictures but, Instagram has even introduced business tools for all Insta users and it has just rolled too many business profiles with their complete contact details call to action, allowing users to email directly for any enquiry. Along with the contact option, Instagram is also offering to create your personal profile into a business profile in order to take an advantage of these business tools.

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Twitter isn’t just popular for celebrities’ tweets but, also the marketing strategies too.  One single tweet gets popular with the major number of shares aka “retweet” the original content shared by the user. The more followers follow you, the more follower ship you’ll gain. Whereas, Hashtags make the huge difference nowadays, this is equally building momentum for your each post.


This majorly used for B2B marketing aka business-to-business, then this surely the best platform for connecting with other business organizations and professionals in any type of industry. One of the best features for business organizations are LinkedIn Groups. One of the best features LInkedIn is that you can set up your profile for your company to allow other people to follow your company’s recent updates. The bottom line is that LinkedIn works bests for B2B lead generation.



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