Take 5

Published On: 05, Dec 2017 | Source: financialexpress.com

Zafar Rais
CEO, Mindshift Interactive

On my bookshelf 
A book I read on repeat is Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell. Every time, there’s some new learning from it. For everything else, the internet makes for a better read.

A TV series I love
Family Guy — the ones with an alternate sense of humour would love it!

If not in this profession, I would have been…
Running a chain of luxury hospitality experiences. The merger of travel, hospitality and luxury combines a lot of  my interests.

My wanderlust
There’s way too much of the world to still explore but next on my bucket list are Spain, Brazil and Barbados.

Indulgence is…
Nothing beats my obsession with Sushi.

— As told to Chandni Mathur