The country where Starbucks is opening an outlet which is as large as half a football field

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Starbucks is opening a new facility in Shanghai which will be its largest ever and is a testimony to the coffee company’s success across the world.

Starbucks has been unexpectedly successful in China - a country which is traditionally known for tea drinking - and its new half a football field long (30,000 square feet, to be precise) roastery-cum-store is the proof of it.

The opening was also a pretty grand affair with Alibaba founder and Tai Chi master Jack Ma present, reported Shangaiist. While speaking at the event, Ma said that people who feel American companies are not successful on Chinese soil should take a look at Starbucks- which is opening one store every 15 hours in the country.

Located in Shanghai’s Nanjing Road, the new outlet has been aptly named Shanghai Reserve Roastery Shanghai and is twice as big as the only other Reserve Roastery in Seattle and has been described as the “first fully-immersive coffee wonderland in China.”

The store is able to hold 1,000 to 1,200 customers at a time and has around 500 chairs on the site. There are two floors of the store which also have theatrical and interactive entertainment. Visitors are even handed over an “exploration guide” which doubles as a map, as they walk in.

Coils of long copper pipes crisscross the ceiling, carrying coffee beans from the Copper Cask to the main bar.

The store has a Willy Wonka feel, with a giant two-story cask holding tons of freshly roasted beans that are sent out to the café’s various bars through tubing that snakes along the ceiling while packaged beans wander around on conveyor belts.

The food on offer has been sourced from high-end Italian bakery Princely and consists of 80 different freshly baked products.

Customers have the option of “tasting journeys” to highlight the roastery’s food and beverage offerings. The roaster also boasts of an 88-foot long coffee bar, which is the longest at any Starbucks site.

Check out some of the photos:

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(Images Courtesy: Starbucks China)

As if all this wasn’t enough already, the store also has China’s first Starbucks Teavana bar, which is made from 3D-printed recycled materials and serves nitrogen-infused tea.

And for the “Interactive” part, there is a roaster app which allows customers to point their phone at different features in the store and be whisked away on a “bean-to-cup story”.