Video: Why US net neutrality matters to Asia’s startups

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If the US really repeals net neutrality, it’s going to have impacts felt far outside of its own borders.

Why US net neutrality matters to AsiaThe US votes on net neutrality later today ????

Posted by Tech in Asia on Wednesday, 13 December 2017


You might think the US net neutrality debate has no impact on Asia’s tech startup scene. That’s not really true.

On one hand, Asia’s startups could benefit from a repeal. Repealing net neutrality would make it easier for big companies to squeeze startups in the US, and that could inspire a lot of Silicon Valley’s prime talents to think about founding companies in Asia, where they could grow and scale without the risk of getting throttled by bigger competitors.

On the other hand, the end of net neutrality could raise the prices of US internet services, and those costs may be passed on to international customers. If your business uses American web services or tech tools, you could end up seeing a fee hike as those companies scramble to cover their increased domestic costs.

Also, any Asian web businesses with US customers will be just as susceptible to getting squeezed for “tolls” as American businesses.

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