Walmart Foundation grants $2 mn to support 15,000 small Indian farmers

Published On: 30, Nov 2017 | Source:

Foundation today announced nearly $2 million grant to non-profit consulting firm, (ASI) to help small farmers in diversify markets for their produce.

The funding is aimed at providing financial support to ASI for implementation of in Andhra Pradesh, the foundation said in a statement.

"The goal is to improve the livelihoods of 15,000 farmers and their families and communities over the coming two years," it said.

The project will provide farmers with knowledge, resources and services to enhance their market-readiness and expand their reach, it added.

ASI will promote closer links between buyers and farmers by facilitating meetings between farmers and diverse buyers prior to planting season to share insights into upcoming market demand, standards, and prices under the programme.

It will also allow farmers to manage planting and crop rotation to maximise profits, the statement said.

Foundation Vice President, Programs said: "The approach that ASI is taking to the work is one that looks at how a range of actors from government to financial institutions and local businesses can all be a part of supporting farmers in this growth."

The support from Foundation to smallholder farmers in will help unlock potential offarmer livelihoods for generations by focusing on sustainable and transparent partnerships with public and private sector supply chain actors, ASI Country Representative Amit Singh said.