WhatsApp update: Soon you can send private messages in group chats; here’s how

Published On: 11, Dec 2017 | Source: financialexpress.com

WhatsApp is all set to introduce some new features and they include private replies in groups and PiP mode. According to some new reports, WhatsApp will soon update the app where it will bring in new stuff on its platform. WABetaInfo, known for leaking WhatsApp updates before launch, has revealed the new details. The report says that WhatsApp users will soon see new features in the app where they will be able to privately reply in groups, tap to unblock and use a picture-in-picture (PIP) mode as well. These features are being tested on WhatsApp’s beta version. However, all beta users cannot check out this feature as of now.

The WABetaInfo report has also leaked screenshots of the new features. According to the pictures, it seems that long pressing on the reply button in group chat gets a user to other options. Here, you will be able to see the tab ‘Reply privately’ listed. It will be a very useful feature as it will help cut down the clutter in group conversations and will be a lot more convenient for users. The private reply option essentially means that users will not have to leave the group each time they wish to have a private conversation with someone else in the group.

Meanwhile, the WhatsApp PIP mode helps a user tp play a video or have a video chat, in a new window. It appears to be a newer user interface from WhatsApp. WhatsApp is also looking to add a feature where a user can just tap on someone’s name to unblock a person. There is also an ‘Invite via Link’ feature in the group info section to add more users. However, according to the WABetaInfo website, this is an option visible only to group admins.

WhatsApp for iOS users could also have the option of group calls soon, according to WABetaInfo. Group calls is a feature that might work well for WhatsApp’s audience, given that it has 1 billion users.

The Facebook owned messaging app is also planning to add a new section for Admin Settings. It will have two options: Send messages and Edit group info, according to the website. We will have to wait and see how soon these updates and features are rolled out for users, across Android and iOS. WhatsApp is known to test a host of features at the same time, and these are rolled out slowly.

WhatsApp has been testing services and businesses on the app for a while now. Several private companies are already sending updates, alerts to their customers on WhatsApp now, rather than relying on traditional SMS. Additionally, it is also planning to jump on the bandwagon of digital payments in India.