Wipro to contest $140m lawsuit by US customer

Published On: 02, Dec 2017 | Source: financialexpress.com

The country’s third-largest IT services exporter, Wipro, has said it would vigorously contest a $140-million lawsuit filed by one its long-time customers, National Grid US, with regard to an ERP implementation project that began in 2009. The lawsuit filed in the US District Court for the Eastern District of New York seeks damages amounting to $140 million plus additional costs related to the project, according to a filing by Wipro with the stock exchanges.

According to Wipro, the ERP project was undertaken by National Grid US and there were multiple vendors associated with it. Wipro joined the project in 2010 and the post-go-live process was completed in 2014. Wipro said National Grid has been a valued customer of Wipro in the US and the UK for several years. “Wipro strongly believes that the allegations mis-state facts and the claims are baseless,” it stated.

Wipro said it had provided valuable services with skill and care. “During the course of this ERP implementation project, National Grid gave Wipro many positive evaluations. Wipro also received an award from National Grid US with respect to this  project in 2014,” the filing stated. Wipro said the financial implications, if any, will depend on the final judgment in the  matter.