This Usage Terms and Privacy Policies Published on dated 12th January 2018.

These terms of Usage also termed as Agreement between FTIL Consultants Private Limited (Also termed as 'FTIL' or 'FinTax' or ‘We’ or ‘Our’ or ‘Us’), Incorporated in India (Company Identification Number : U74999UP2017PTC099697) and User ( Also termed as ‘You’ herein) which is effecting from the date of becoming User.

By creating Accounts with FinTax or using FinTax Mobile Application or Browsing and/or visiting our website and/or accessing/using the information, resources, services, and tools we provide, you understand and agree to accept and adhere to the following terms and conditions as stated, along with our Privacy Policy.

Right to change the Terms and Conditions any time reserved with FinTax without any prior notice to the users. And you acknowledge and agree to follow and abide by the amended terms and policies of FinTax. 

User Definition

User herein refers to ‘Person attained 18 years of age’ who uses FinTax Mobile Application and Website by any means.

Personal Information & Privacy Policies

While Registering on FinTax Mobile App, we collect your Name, Email ID, Mobile Number and your Working Status.

If you would like to contact us online, we may also collect your name, Image, contact numbers, Email ID & Locations and that can be used to contact or identify you and/or response back to your query. We may also disclose and share your Name, Precise Location to the Consultant when you connect on Chat.

We may use your personal information to contact you with newsletters, and other information that we feel might be relevant for you. We may also use your personal contact to call you or Email you regarding our services.

We do not Disclose or Distribute your personal information, Chat Conversations, Private Documents you shared with Consultant on Chat, to any third party.

While downloading FinTax Application you are aware of the permissions given to us to access your device.

Our Service Coverage

Our Service coverage restricted upto Finance, Taxation, Corporate Compliances, Investment and Legal.

Restriction to use Sexual or Abusive Language or Non-related Discussion

We strictly adhere to maintain Ethics, professionalism, decency and Respect Law. You agree, not to use or share any sexual, abusive or any offensive words, images, or documents. Further agreed, not to discuss on any matters, which are non-related or out of our Service coverage, while being on Chat with Consultant. Personal Chat is strictly prohibited.

Other Restrictions


You agree, not to post any fake assignment or works on the page 'Post Requirement'.

You agree, not to copy any contents, design and concept of the Application or Share any contents, design and concept with other person.

You Agree, Not to Share Chat Conversation, consultant’s details with any other persons.

You agree, not to send any harmful link, malware, virus or unsecured website link on Chat.

You further agree, not to create more than one account with FinTax. System’s advance technology automatically detect such activity and permanently blacklist you from using this services. 

Wrong Information

You agree to provide correct profile information while creating new account or updating your profile.

Login Credentials

We Send system generated Login Password on your registered Email ID. User ID is your Email ID. This User ID and Password can be use in case of Login. This Login ID is changeable from My Info Page inside the Application. It is your responsibility to provide valid Email Id and keep this User ID and Password confidential. In case of you do not received; you can contact us or check your spam box.

Right Reservation

We reserve our right whether to provide a particular service or not at the time when user demand. We have sole discretion to black list you from using our services in case of found breach of any terms and conditions.

Service Charges

FinTax Virtual Consultancy Service is free upto 50 minutes. Post 50 minutes, your Chat Consultation service shall be Stopped unless you subscribe Consultation Charges. However, FinTax may offer additional free consultation minutes  as promotional scheme subject to fulfilment of  terms & conditions pertaining to that scheme

Consultation Charges has been prescribed separately on Subscription Page in the App.

Promotional Scheme

FinTax may offer free or at subsidised rate various services as promotional scheme with separate Terms & Conditions. To avail any Promotional scheme, you agree to abide by the terms & conditions pertaining to that promotional scheme. FinTax shall have the sole right to withdraw or postpone or temporarily hold such scheme anytime without any notice.


We always make every effort to provide you quality service from best Consultants. Our Internal Quality Assurance Team always checks the background and Consultant’s profile and Exposure validation before bringing on board. However in some cases human mistake is admissible in assessing Consultants. Further we explicitly do not take any guarantee, warranty or liability of the advice, clarification or any kind of commitment given by the a consultant on Chat Conversation or on Post Chat. Our work is to Connect you with consultant on demand to solve your query on Chat Conversation We provide you, Name of the Consultant, his/her Designation (Example, Chartered Accountant) and short profile to for your review and make the conversation transparent and authentic.


These Terms of Use and Privacy Policies shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the rules, regulation and laws of India and any disputes relating thereto shall be subject to the only and exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of FinTax registered Address in India. 

If you do not agree to the above terms and Conditions, you should not use FinTax Mobile Application or Website


If you have any questions or grievances or want to delete your profile permanently, you shall mark your correspondence on Feedback link provided on the App or Email to us